Cavity Wall Insulation Extraction
Removing failed cavity wall insulation
Damp caused by failed cavity wall insulation

Is your home suffering from damp?

there's a good chance it's being caused by failed cavity wall insulation

Do You Suffer From Issues With Your Cavity Wall Insulation?

Are you experiencing problems? Sometimes, your cavity wall insulation can develop and show signs that they are faulty. Damp could occur in properties as a result of cavity wall insulation if there is a combination of these factors: • Your home is exposed to severe weather conditions • Your home is…

Types of Damp and Condensation

Damp and condensation can blight any home, take a look at this guide on what type of damp you are suffering from and how to banish for good.. The most common forms of damp are Condensation, penetrative damp and rising damp. Treating them can vary massively and so can the…

Why does cavity wall insulation need removing and how is it done?

Why does insulation need removing? Cavity wall insulation is a ‘system’ which when installed correctly is completed so that the entirety of the cavity void is filled.  There are however a number of factors which can impact the insulation integrity such as the below Debris in cavity before insulation installed…